Overcoming Math Anxiety: 3 Tips to Help Your Child Succeed

Is your child stressed, worried, or fearful in math class? You're not alone. Many students struggle with math anxiety, which can significantly impact their learning and achievement. As a parent, you play a key role in helping your child face their math fears.


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How to Reduce Math Anxiety

Posted on May 21, 2023

Math anxiety is a common issue that affects many students, leading to negative attitudes toward mathematics, poor academic performance, and avoidance of courses and careers that involve math. This blog post will discuss three ways to reduce…

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The Benefits of Interactive Group Workshops in Math Education

Posted on April 09, 2023

Mathematics is a fundamental subject that is necessary for success in various academic disciplines and careers. However, many students struggle with mathematics due to various reasons such as anxiety, fear, and lack of confidence. At Acce…

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